Shruti Joshi

Chief Operating Officer

Shruti is widely recognized for driving efficient, rapid growth at B2C and B2B companies across every stage, from startups to enterprise businesses. A former consumer tech founder and Fortune 15 executive, she has invested and advised many businesses across multiple industries on business strategies to drive client acquisition and retention and develop innovative, end-to-end client experiences. She was an early investor in Facet Wealth and has been an advisor over the last several years. She was formerly an equity partner at Altman Vilandrie & Company (AV&Co.), now Altman Solon, where she built and ran the firm’s Marketing ROI Practice. Prior to that, she was an executive at Verizon Communications, where she led new acquisition growth for consumer FiOS and core network products.

Education: University of Southern California (BS); Columbia Business School (MBA)


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