What the New SECURE Act Means for Your Retirement

The new SECURE Act (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement), signed into law in December, will make sweeping changes to retirement accounts, company retirement plans, and taxes.

In this recording, Facet Wealth co-founder and chief evangelist Brent Weiss broke down what the SECURE Act means to you and your family, your retirement, and your financial decisions. Watch the recording now to learn how the SECURE Act could open up new opportunities for your retirement planning.

About Brent Weiss

Brent Weiss, Head Planner and Co-Founder

As a founding member of Facet Wealth, Brent brings over a decade of experience as a financial planner to support Facet’s mission of making high-quality financial advice more affordable and accessible to families that need it most. As a believer in the empowering effects of financial planning on improving overall financial health and wellness, Brent is an ambassador for innovative next-generation planning solutions and the technology that will enable greater access.

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