Facet Referral Network

Facet’s mission is simple: to help the individuals and families you refer to us achieve a more prosperous life by providing comprehensive financial life management through a dedicated CFP® Professional at an affordable price. We are honored to be your trusted partner!

Referring to Facet is easy

Here are two easy ways to make the introduction:


Simply send an email to the prospect introducing Facet. Include the email address of Andy Barton, our Head of Partnerships, [email protected]. He will reach out directly to the prospect.


You can also schedule directly with Facet while speaking with the prospect. If they are ready for a complimentary intro call, simply use the link below to schedule with one of our Client Success Managers.

5 reasons to believe in Facet as your trusted partner

Every family you refer to us will receive:

  1. A personal relationship with a dedicated CFP(R) Professional
  2. Comprehensive financial life planning
  3. Objective and fiduciary advice
  4. A transparent and simplified plan
  5. An affordable flat fee

We welcome the families that may not be a good fit for you, but who still need—and deserve—the high quality financial advice necessary to achieve their financial life goals. 

Objective financial advice for a more prosperous life. With Facet, It’s Possible.

The families Facet works with

Main Street, not Wall Street. Facet was founded to provide high quality financial advice to clients with $100,000 to $1,000,000 in investable assets. Our flat fee model allows us to deliver an affordable Facet Financial Life Plan and create greater access for families that are just starting—or with assets in retirement plans. Facet works with families at all stages of life. Here are a few examples:

Getting Started

Out of college, into the workforce, and tackling some of life’s big questions: like how to balance paying off student loans, start saving for retirement, or saving for a house. We start with a conversation to discuss priorities and goals and together come up with a Facet Financial Life Plan.

Families & Professionals

Besides the onesies, the crib, and the sleepless nights there are many other important things to consider after starting a family. Facet’s full life planning allows us to see the entire picture: Assets. Liabilities. Investments. Insurance. We can help these young families spend time where it matters most.

Approaching Retirement

The retirement transition is one of the most critical moments in a family’s life, creating opportunities, challenges, questions, and big decisions. A Facet Financial Life Plan creates a clear vision and path for retirement and allows our clients to retire with confidence, security, and independence.


Retirees face unique challenges including generating sustainable retirement income, managing longevity, and planning for healthcare costs. These clients need a trusted advisor to help them navigate this roadmap. Facet’s Financial Life Plan helps them create a plan for financial security while allowing them to enjoy this chapter in their life.