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Side Hustle
& Learn


Whether your side hustle is a second income stream, your first step towards financial freedom, or a way to indulge your passion, there are smart ways to make it part of your financial (and life) plan. What better way to learn the in's and out's of building a side hustle than from experts who have decided to color outside the lines of the traditional corporate landscape?

Facet Wealth co-founder and chief evangelist Brent Weiss, CFP®, ChFC® sat down with fellow Facet teammates Saier Jiang, who started selling shoes and now has his own clothing line, & Jacob Kent, who transformed a second job into a sales consulting gig to learn about their own personal experiences in the side hustle world. Watch the recording and learn how they built their "side hustles" from the ground up and what it takes to be successful.

Originally aired: July 28th, 2020
Hosted by: Brent Weiss, CFP®, ChFC®, Jacob Kent & Saier Jiang

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