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Young Professional

You’re out of college, into the workforce and now you’ve got some big life questions. Like how do you balance paying off your student loans and saving for your first house? Or maybe you’re toying with the big, big question, what will you need to start a family?

Besides love and a lot of patience you’ll need a sound financial plan. That’s where we come in.

But before we get into the financial planning, we start with a conversation to discuss priorities, goals and even what financially keeps you up at night. After we have the whole picture, together we make a plan. By the way, we’re big believers in keeping short term sacrifices and long term goals in balance. It’s important to reward yourself today while building for tomorrow.

Young Family / Mid-Career

Besides the onesies, the crib and the truckloads of diapers there are a lot of other important things to consider after having your first child. Well, the diaper pail is actually pretty important, but you’ll also have to start thinking about perhaps a bigger house and that college tuition that will be here sooner than you think. We can help.

Together we’ll look at your financial life holistically. Assets. Liabilities. Investments. Insurance. Etc. Then we’ll discuss your long term and short term goals to really understand you as a person and you as a person planning your financial future. From there we can create a plan that saves for college while also adding insurance to protect the ones you love.

New babies grow up fast, it’s important you enjoy this time in your family’s life without worrying about your finances.

Approaching Retirement

How many times have we all said "I can't wait to retire?" But for many of us when we really think about taking that next big step all of the sudden we’ve got real legitimate how do I know when I’m ready? How will I pay for health coverage and when should I take social security? We have the answers.

We start with an in-depth conversation about your goals for retirement. Once we have a clear and comprehensive view of the big picture, together we’ll set up actionable steps to get you from working today to retirement tomorrow. A Facet plan creates a clear vision and path for the retirement you’ve always imagined so you when you say “I can’t wait to retire” you say it with confidence.


Even in retirement you might have some concerns and questions about your financial life. Will you outlive your money? Who will take care of you if your health starts to breakdown. What about estate planning and leaving your assets to your children? These are great questions. We are here to help.

Together we’ll take a holistic look at your financial life. From that, we’ll aim to create lasting retirement income, where you assests healthcare expenses keep up with you during this amazing time in your life.

You’ve spent your entire life working towards this incredible time. Your Facet CFP® Professional can help create confidence and security so you enjoy it to the fullest.


How we can help

Simple, Actionable Retirement Plans

Saving for retirement can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Your Facet advisor will work with you to understand the best ways to save and to prepare for retirement and help put together a step-by-step plan to reach your goal (and by they way, we don’t believe in sacrificing fun along the way).

A Plan For Your Best Chapter

The transition from a career to retirement can be daunting, but we think it should be a celebration. This is your best chapter yet! Your Facet advisor will help you create an income plan around Social Security, pensions and retirement account distributions to enjoy the retirement you worked so hard for.

Create a Roadmap for College

Providing for your child’s education is a wonderful achievement, but it can be expensive. Your Facet advisor will help you understand the ways to save for and to pay for college, and will create a plan to help your future graduate.

Tax Efficient Strategies for Your Money & Assets

Being smart about long-term tax strategies can be one of the best ways to create and maintain wealth. Facet will work with you to devise the best strategy to minimize tax exposure--now and in the future.

A Plan to Care for the Ones You Love

Plan for your best life but prepare for the unknown. If we are being honest, this is never a fun conversation, but it is important to have a plan for the ones you love. Your Facet advisor will work in concert with your attorney to implement a plan to provide for and to care for your family.

A Plan to Protect Your Family & Your Assets

You work hard to provide for your family, and your financial plan should make sure that is never in question. Your Facet advisor will help you navigate the complexities of insurance to design a plan that protects the people you love and the wealth you have created.

A Plan for What Is Possible In Life

Your conversations with your Facet advisor will go beyond just finances. A financial plan is a means to an end: it should help you achieve what is most important in your life. Your advisor will help design a plan that allows you and your family to create lasting memories while planning for a secure financial future.

A Portfolio Designed for You

Asset management is an important part of your financial plan. A well diversified and properly constructed portfolio can help you achieve your goals over the long-term. Your Facet advisor will work to create a custom portfolio solution that is designed around your specific needs.

Providing for Generations to Come

Whether it is planning for future generations of your family or providing for an organization or charity that is important to you, your Facet advisor will help you create a plan to provide a meaningful legacy. A financial plan, if properly structured, can be a great way to create a lasting impact for your children and grandchildren.

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