Financial Planners at Facet Wealth

Facet has created the financial planning role that allows CFP® Professionals to truly act in a fiduciary capacity - full stop. There are no sales quotas - our planners are expected to work with clients to build healthier financial habits to improve their lives. As a planner at Facet, you're enabled with technology that allows you to focus on what matters and you get to work with a team of over 125 CFP® Professionals dedicated to redefining the future of financial planning.

We’re Redefining Financial Planning As It Should Be

We Are A Fiduciary And Put Our Clients First:

We believe success should be measured not by how much money we manage, but by how our clients’ lives have actually improved

We Don’t Sell Products:

Clients need unbiased, personalized financial advice not hidden fees and unnecessary expensive products

We Trust Our Team:

Our Planners bring their unique experience to help our clients and we trust our team to make the right decisions

We Are Enabled By Best In Class Technology

World class technology to support our clients and streamline their experience

Why We’re Saying Forget AUM Fees

Traditionally, the financial planning industry focuses on an advisor-centric model with high asset minimums that charges a percentage of investments. Most of the industry often measures success against the amount of assets under management the firm has acquired.

  • What about the approximately 38 million mass-affluent households with trillions of dollars in wealth that can’t meet traditional RIA minimums
  • What about the person who isn’t interested in investing but still needs help creating a financial plan?
  • Who is going to help these individuals?

The answer is simple: Facet Wealth.

Listen to what Anders Jones, Co-Founder & CEO, has to say about the future of Financial Planning here and follow us on LinkedIn.

Grow With Us

Join us as we rebuild financial planning from the ground up!

Entry Level Planner

- CFP® Required
- Non-client facing support role
- Learn how to become a Facet Wealth planner
- Great starting point for those working on the experience requirement

Client Facing Planner

- CFP® Required
- Work directly with clients to reach their financial goals
- Maintain a book of clients as the main point of contact

Tenured Planner

- CFP® Required
- All client-facing planner duties
- Mentor & train upcoming planners
- Lead projects & initiatives
- Team Management

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