Scott Spann

Director of Financial Planning

Scott Spann, CFP

Scott Spann serves as a Lead Planner & Product Owner at Facet Wealth. He has 21 years of experience working in various roles within the profession. Most recently, Scott served as a senior financial planner with Financial Finesse, a pioneer provider of workplace financial wellness programs. Scott views financial planning as a true helping profession and he is dedicated to improving the financial wellness of individuals regardless of income or net worth. He enjoys working hard to help reduce the stress and anxiety often associated with money conversations and is passionate about finding ways to help others best align their money with important life goals and values. Scott is actively involved in research and content development on topics such as financial psychology, financial wellness, and retirement preparedness. Scott’s financial life plan is focused on spending quality time with his wife (Heather) and children (Caroline and Andrew). Favorite hobbies include travel, hiking, boating, kayaking, music, and sports.

Education: College of Charleston (BS), The Citadel (MA), Kansas State University (PhD)

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