How the Pros Work From Home



How the Pros Work From Home

With employees in 25 states and a workforce that has always been 75% remote, Facet Wealth has been doing the work from home thing since day one.

The key, say our financial planners and client success managers, all of whom work remotely, is drawing a line between home and work and between your home time and your work time. That’s not always so easy when your kitchen table is also your temporary office, but the good news is, there are ways to make it work.

Can you build in a “commute” when you work from home? Can your living space and work space be the same? Can you establish a routine when you’re the only person at home? Yes. And you should! Here are some of the strategies our remote employees follow.

Treat Your Home Like an Office

Keep the office space separate from everything else. This way you can close the door when you’re done. Be it the end of the day, or the weekend, you need to separate. Especially under lockdown conditions, it’s too easy to be drawn back to it. So closing the door when you’re done keeps the mind fresh and the space only for work. —David Gonzalez, CFP®, Lead Planner

Add a faux-commute. I ride my bike around the neighborhood before I go up to my office. This allows me to keep work/home a bit separate. —Jamie Dunn, CFP®, Lead Planner

At the end of your day, put your workstation away if possible. Laptop, chargers, notebooks and such can all be removed to make it your “home” space again. Don’t leave your work stuff on your dining room table so it can prompt you to keep working. —Gary Grewal, CFP®, Lead Planner

Establish a Routine

Schedule your day, including lunch breaks and personal time. Don’t just start doing laundry because your call ended early. —Gary Grewal, CFP®, Lead Planner

Dress for your day. Wear something you normally would outside or to work. Your PJs and 10k t-shirt will be there for you in the evening. —Gary Grewal, CFP®, Lead Planner

Consider Your Space

Have a backup workspace. Life happens and the room you have designated as your office may be unavailable at the moment you have an important meeting. I sometimes use my son’s room for meetings and the Legos in the background always spur interesting comments. —Hali Browne London, CFP®, Lead Planner

Try to face the window, or at least don’t have your back to the window to optimize lighting during Zoom calls. You can also use a different background during Zoom calls. —Gary Grewal, CFP®, Lead Planner

Have multiple chairs and/or heights to change throughout the day. The chair that is comfortable enough for an hour or two may not be best for a full day of work. Test a dining room chair, an exercise ball, a stool, be creative. Try creating a standing desk with books, boxes, etc. and experiment with standing and/or walking at intervals during the day. Your back, hips, and legs will thank you. —Hali Browne London, CFP®, Lead Planner

If your dog is loud, consider an anti-bark collar. There are gentle devices that vibrate and emit noise. Along with your verbal commands, your dog will learn to not bark while wearing it. —Hali Browne London, CFP®, Lead Planner

Be Good to Yourself

Drink lots of water. It keeps you hydrated, alert, and makes you get some steps in by going to the bathroom more often. —Hali Browne London, CFP®, Lead Planner

I have a yoga mat next to my desk. I try to do quick bodyweight workouts (pushups, squats, sit-ups, etc.) between calls and meetings. I then record what I did in an excel document. It’s fun to see at the end of the month how many push-ups I completed just by sparing a minute or two at different points of the day. It also helps keep the blood flowing and keep me alert at my desk.

—Kevin Barr, CFP®, Lead Planner

There you have it, work from home tips from the work from home pros at Facet Wealth!